Conquering Fear: Tools and Techniques from Living By Design

Fear is a powerful force that can hold us back from living the life we were designed to live. It can paralyze us, limit our potential, and prevent us from embracing our true identity. 

However, the concept of Living By Design offers a transformative approach to conquering fear and unlocking our full potential.

Living By Design emphasizes the idea that each individual is uniquely crafted by the Master Craftsman, with specific gifts, skills, talents, temperaments, passions, desires, values, convictions, and instincts. Embracing these inherent qualities is the key to overcoming fear and living authentically. This concept challenges the notion that one must conform to external expectations or societal norms, urging individuals to embrace their original design.

The book "Living By Design: Insights into the Purpose Driven Life" delves into various tools and techniques that empower individuals to conquer fear and embrace their true selves. 
Conquering Fear: Tools and Techniques from Living By Design
Conquering Fear: Tools and Techniques from Living By Design
These tools result in a newfound freedom that enables individuals to live with purpose and authenticity. Some of the freedoms attained after conquering fear include:
  1. Freedom to be you: Embracing the original design without succumbing to external pressures or false identities.
  2. Freedom from limiting environments: Breaking free from constraints that seek to define and confine individuals.
  3. Freedom from immediate distractions: Overcoming obstacles that hinder the pursuit of long-term goals and aspirations.
  4. Freedom from fear: Liberating oneself from the paralyzing grip of fear, thereby fostering creativity and initiative.
  5. Freedom from external expectations: Releasing oneself from the burden of pleasing others who cannot be satisfied.
  6. Freedom from materialism: Breaking free from the relentless pursuit of possessions and material wealth, prioritizing making a meaningful difference instead.

Some of the key tools to conquer one's fears are captured in key concepts such as intentional living, success habits, productivity tips, self-discovery, living with purpose, overcoming limiting beliefs, building self-confidence, and developing a growth mindset. These concepts are intricately woven into the framework of Living By Design, offering practical guidance for readers to conquer fear and lead a purpose-driven life.

You can access all the tools and insights on conquering one's fears as you dive into the transformative message of Living By Design as captured in the soon to be launched book, "Living By Design: Insights into the Purpose Driven Life" by Coach Tarie. It is set to be launched on the 20th of June 2024 at Sahwira Events and Lifestyle Hub in New Adnernnie, Harare. This event promises to be a celebration of purpose-driven living and a catalyst for personal transformation.

Insights from the book and delving into the tools and techniques for conquering fear, the book aims to inspire individuals to embrace their true identity and live a life of purpose. It seeks to ignite a sense of empowerment and liberation, encouraging readers to embark on a journey towards intentional living and self-discovery.

Be part of this fear Conquering initiative and get hold of Tools and Techniques from Living By Design that serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration, inviting readers to break free from the shackles of fear and step into the fullness of their authentic selves. 

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